Team dynamics and resonance assessment

Team performance and successful navigation through change is highly dependent on the team’s internal dynamics, synergy of motives and resonance of team members’ personal styles.

All these aspects of effective teamwork are determined by the individuals’ personal level of consciousness.

The Team dynamics and resonance assessment provides insights into team member contributions to the team’s internal dynamics and how their levels of consciousness impact individual efficiency, attitude to change and overall teamwork.

The assessment results will show you how individual team members resonate with each other and what are the team’s strengths and areas for potential conflict.

Altogether, the assessment outcomes help to raise the team’s awareness of their collective style, opens them to the possibility of new choices and enables change.

  1. If you have a vision to change and transform your organisation, start with your leadership team and use this tool to assess their capacity to drive the change you envision
  2. If you have a vision for your organisation’s leadership style and culture, use this tool to ensure your leadership teams naturally create the culture you desire
  3. Use the Team dynamics and resonance assessment if you want to ensure highly effective teamwork throughout your organisation
  4. If your teams are not performing at the level you expect, use this tool to find out why
  5. If you want to support your team in their growth and development, use this tool to find out how

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