Our tools and approach

Today’s corporations are operating within constantly shifting environments that hold both high levels of uncertainty and unparalleled opportunity. Critical decisions around strategy, people engagement, resource management, operational systems and overall business performance are all affected, and every leader is being called upon to respond.

In a time of unprecedented complexity, the information that leaders require needs to reflect the intertwined and integral nature of every aspect of the organisation so they can make effective decisions regarding future directions, rapidly evolving technologies and changing cultural norms.

Organisational consciousness assessment is a powerful evaluation tool that offers a holistic approach to organisational development. The ORCA Matrix™ has been created in response to this increasing complexity of modern business environments and life in general.

It is the responsibility of every conscious leader to grow the level of their team’s organisational consciousness to match that demanded by the evolving complexity of the organisation and its operational environments – So they not only respond to change, they drive it.

The principle is simple; the more complex the organisation is, the more conscious its leadership needs to become in order to hold, navigate and successfully employ the complexity that has emerged.

The ORCA Matrix ™ provides business leaders with insights they need to do just that.

Our methodology

The ORCA Matrix™ has been created to provide business leaders with both the clarity and motivation they need to navigate organisational transformation and build a solid foundation for ongoing evolutionary change.

Throughout the evaluation process, the organisation is treated as a living organism and assessed holistically using a ‘four realms’ perspective: Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional. Relevant categories within each of these realms are considered individually, based on related themes and expressions of that specific category.

The ORCA Matrix is multi-faceted, working from perspectives of: Self, Individual, Team and Organisation. This holistic, multidimensional approach enables qualitative evaluation of different levels and layers of results; It is extremely comprehensive.

The assessment provides:

  • Complex information as well as fine detail
  • Current state as well as dynamic movement
  • Inner resonance between organisational aspects
  • Alignment between levels within the organisation

The results of the ORCA Matrix ™ assessment form a base to develop an in-depth understanding of where your business and its top leadership stand in terms of change and transformation needs. Once this baseline is established, you will be ready to commence the genuinely transformative journey to a more conscious, highly effective, and leading-edge organisation.

The full ORCA Matrix ™ Report provides you with the following information and insights

1. Organisational Development Stage - current level of organisational consciousness

  • Entire organisation (or specific department)
  • By organisational category
  • By topic within each category

2. Organisational Resonance

  • Resonance between organisational departments / teams / areas
  • Leadership resonance

3. Internal Dynamics

  • Categories with dynamic potential for natural development
  • Categories with blocks or resistance that prevent natural evolutionary growth and represent potential risk
  • Team dynamics

The ORCA Matrix is a suite of tools that help you to

  • measure current levels of organisational development of individuals, teams, and the entire organisation
  • identify strengths, limitations, and emerging opportunities
  • focus on what is really important
  • decide on your change and transformation roadmap

With the ORCA assessment you will see the unseen, become aware of what’s been hidden, gain clarity of your starting point and set direction of your change and transformation journey. Your change and transformation journey start here.

Transform your organisation and enjoy the unfolding. The journey starts with you!

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