Organisational consciousness assessment

This comprehensive and integrated assessment tool is built to assist leaders in guiding their organisation’s change and transformation.

If you have a vision to change and transform your organisation, start with the Organisational Consciousness map.

  1. The ORCA map will provide a comprehensive and clear picture of the levels of organisational development within all the aspects of your organisation
  2. The map will highlight your organisation’s emerging qualities and show where opportunities for change and natural evolution are the strongest
  3. The assessment will identify areas that are holding your organisation back and represent risks to both development and success
  4. If you have a vision to change and transform your organisation, the map will show you where to begin

With the ORCA assessment you will be shown an unseen side of your entire organisation in all its complexity, become aware of what’s been hidden, gain clarity about your necessary starting point and set the direction for your change and transformation journey.

By understanding where you operate on individual, team, and organisational levels, you will be able to plan more effectively, implement meaningful change and ultimately, achieve your vision.

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