Leadership foundation assessment

The undeniable fact is that leaders and managers have impact on their teams’ spirit, organisational culture, overall company climate and ultimately on the success of any change or transformation initiative. This tool is designed to show leaders what level of consciousness they operate from and what it means in terms of their impact on organisational capacity for change.

Results of this individual assessment help leaders to better understand their leadership style, how it influences their team and the kind of culture they naturally create. The assessment outcomes also assist them in becoming aware of their innate motivators and to better understand their own behaviours and actions.

These insights and the subsequent ‘AHA’ realisations they generate serve as a navigating tool through personal development and the individual journey of change and transformation.

When to use this tool

  1. If you have a vision to change and transform your organisation, start with your senior leaders, and use this tool to assess their capacity to be the change you envision
  2. If you have a vision for your organisation’s leadership style and culture, use this tool to ensure your leaders naturally create the culture you desire
  3. Use this individual assessment tool to navigate personal growth and professional development for current and emerging leaders within your organisation
  4. To ensure leaders new to your organisation are the right people to support your vision, use this tool to better assess their fit

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