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Personal Worldview Assessment

The Personal Worldview Report provides you with critical, baseline information about the Consciousness Level you naturally operate from and what that means in the context of your workplace environment.
The comprehensive Personal Worldview Report identifies your current dominant consciousness perspective, residual influences that are still present and any emergent trends that are becoming evident. It provides insights of how your resonance or dissonance with the level of organisational consciousness impacts your current emotional wellbeing and overall job satisfaction. In cases of dissonance, the report offers scenarios towards resolving the situation.
If you hold a leadership position or other role of significant influence, this information will make you aware of your intrinsic footprint within  your company’s culture and how can you more consciously impact and direct your organisational development.
If you want to know why you feel as you feel, what is the key condition for feeling job satisfaction and fulfilment, here is where you start.

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Team Consciousness & Resonance Assessment

– for senior leadership teams

The Team Consciousness & Resonance Report provides you with:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of the individual Consciousness Levels each member of your team naturally operates from and what that means for the business
  2. The degree of Internal Resonance within the team

This information is an essential foundation for leadership teams responsible for strategic and senior operational management of the organisation. Your Internal Resonance analysis will provide key insights into the relative effectiveness of your team i.e. why they work well or conversely, why there might be a history of recurring frustration, diminished respect or a lack of trust. Understanding this from a consciousness perspective allows everyone to make better, more informed decisions about how to move forward, irrespective of your current situation.

The Team Consciousness & Resonance Report provides you with tangible, leading edge options to consider for the range of scenarios your team may be facing and steps to support subsequent action.
As the world of change continues to evolve at an accelerated rate, we are being challenged to do the same. If you want to know where your team stands in terms their aptitude for change –this is where you start.


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Organisational Consciousness Assessment

for organisations seeking to deepen their understanding of why they perform the way they do with respect to their internal operating environment.

Your Organisational Consciousness Report provides you with a detailed analysis across more than 50 categories of operation. It will clearly establish the Organisational Consciousness Level of the business as a whole and also underline specific areas that are either notably progressive or lagging in relative developmental terms. This information can be critical in determining:

The level of your organisational consciousness to your external market environment


Where your company stands in terms of necessary change and transformation strategies in order to ensure long term prosperous business operation.

The Organisational Consciousness Report 

  • Shows you where opportunities for natural evolution and change within your organisation are strongest and which aspects of the business have capacity to be harnessed as drivers of organisational change
  • Clarifies what makes the organisation solid, healthy and strong in its current level of development
  • Identifies areas of structure, systems and practices that hold the organisation back and represent risks for future downturn, disruption and even collapse. 

The Organisational Consciousness Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of all facets of your organisational environment performed by The ORCA Matrix ™ certified consultants.


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