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Karolina Maya is an international expert in Organisational Change, People Engagement and Corporate Transformation. She has held senior general management, HR, Organisational Development  and Operational Leadership roles in both regional and multi-national corporations based in Europe, the US and the Asia-Pacific over a 30-year career with extensive experience in banking, insurance, manufacturing, engineering and consulting industries. Karolina holds a Masters Degree in Economics.

Indra Reinpuu is a university trained educator, speaker and author  who has been working in the fields of personal coaching, building cultures of success, team optimisation and raising consciousness for over 30 years. He pioneered the South Australian Personal Training industry in 1988, has coached elite sporting teams up to the Olympic level and utilises the transformational capacity of symbols and deep mindfulness from his extensive experience as a Shamanic practitioner.


As you can see from our profiles above, the scope of knowledge and experience within our team is uniquely diverse and extensive. Yet in all our combined pursuits over the past 30 years it has been the common thread of “expanding consciousness” that consistently emerged as the foundation of change and performance strategies.

Whether in formal Leadership training, HR management, organisational development, coaching Olympic athletes or on journeys of personal growth and self-discovery, we have come to realise that the consciousness of individuals, teams and organisations is the single most influential factor in determining their tangible success and ongoing quality of experience.

We can talk about training new skills, habits, attitudes or styles – But the impact and effectiveness of each one will always be built on and limited by the underlying level of personal and organisational consciousness. That is why we base all our programs and tools around developing consciousness first, not on skills, habits, attitudes or styles.

It is why we founded Barefoot Leadership – a global business coaching consultancy specialising in Organisational Change and Transformation.

And it is why we begin with the ORCA Matrix ™.

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