How It Works

By employing a unique combination of assessment tools, the ORCA Matrix™ evaluates each operational quality of the organisation.

Results map these qualities and the overall business operation onto a developmental matrix that tracks the evolution of human organisations and their sustainability in the 21st century.

The ORCA Matrix™ results provide you with:

• The simultaneously complex and yet simple answer to where you are now in terms of  Organisational Resonance and Consciousness

• Both holistic and detailed information about your Organisational Development

• Your organisation’s Internal Dynamics potential and readiness for change

We understand corporations today are operating within shifting environments that hold both high levels of uncertainty and unparalleled opportunity. Critical decisions around strategy, people engagement, resource management, operational systems and overall business performance are all affected and every leader is being called upon to respond. ​

Complete our complimentary “Top Leaders Worldview Questionnaire” and you will receive your Snapshot Report with valuable information about the Organisational Consciousness Level you naturally operate from.
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If you seek information you can trust…

If you desire knowledge that will assist you in taking charge of change…

If you wish to make the best possible decisions for your organisation and yourself…

The ORCA Matrix™ – Organisational Resonance & Consciousness Assessment is your starting point

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