Organisational Resonance Assessment

The more resonance an organisation has with its ever-changing environment (both internal and external), the more natural and agile their response to these changes becomes.

Organisational Resonance refers to the alignment or harmony that exists between

  • The many functional and developmental aspects within an organisation (internal) and
  • The organisation’s evolutionary level and the corresponding level of the society it serves (external)

If resonance is high, things flow easily and success at all levels becomes a natural outcome of business activities. 

When Organisational Resonance is lost, the corporation will not be able to sustain any level of success and will typically experience performance issues, conflicts and even existential struggles. Without intervention, sooner or later, it will cease to exist.

The ORCA Matrix ™ will show you both the Internal and External “Degree of Resonance” currently present in your business. This information is essential for you and your leadership team to form an effective transformative change strategy.

Does your current level of Organisational Consciousness resonate with your Operating Environment?

Does your entire organisation resonate internally at the same level?

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