Organisational Consciousness Assessment

Organisational Consciousness is the state of knowing or awareness an organisation has both of their external surroundings and their internal operations. These can include influences such as market trends, environmental factors, societal conditions and changing technologies (external) and company culture, staff morale, productivity levels, effectiveness of systems and change strategies (internal).

The Organisational Consciousness Assessment shows you where you stand on the scale of organisational evolution.

The current movement of leading edge organisations towards higher levels of consciousness is undeniable and accelerating. The reason for this is simple: The only way to successfully deal with the increasing speed and complexity of the world is for businesses to keep evolving to higher levels of Organisational Consciousness themselves – Every time the operating paradigm of their society shifts, corporations need to respond accordingly.

The higher the Organisational Consciousness Level of a corporation, the more effective it is in responding to the increasingly complex reality of current times.

What level of Organisational Consciousness does your business operate from? 

We know that Organisational Consciousness evolves through a spectrum of levels. Each level has known, typical characteristics that effectively serve to generate success within the operational paradigms of that particular level.

The catalyst for vertical growth always comes in the form of deep, fundamental challenges to a business that cannot be resolved from an existing level of Organisational Consciousness. When faced with such challenges, there are only two options: Transform to the next level…or cease to exist. 

If the leadership choose to transform their company, the necessary changes will initiate the emergence of a uniquely new organisational model that may have very little in common with how the business used to look and function. But unlike it’s earlier form, it will have the capacity to effectively meet the operational demands of society’s next developmental wave. 

It is not transition…it is Evolution.


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