The ORCA Matrix ™ is a powerful and unique evaluation tool developed specifically to meet the challenges of present day business. It provides deep insights into an organisation’s current evolutionary level, its strengths and limitations, resonance with the demands of its operating market and  internal organisational dynamics.

In a time of unprecedented and transformative change, the information that leaders need to effectively respond to rapidly evolving corporate environments, technologies and cultural norms can no longer be provided by tools that only capture very specific aspects of organisational function and performance.

Effective decisions regarding future direction, planning, organisational development and the very nature of the business itself requires deep, integrated, holistic understanding of the company’s developmental status, it’s underlying culture and its real-world potential to evolve and succeed into the future.

The results of the ORCA Matrix ™ assessment form a base to develop an in-depth understanding of where your business and its top leadership stand in terms of change and transformation needs. Once this baseline is established, it will be ready to commence the genuinely transformative journey to a more conscious, highly effective and leading edge organisation.

The ORCA Matrix ™ is your Master Key to unlock your organisation’s change and transformation potential.

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